Applied Bioinformatics

Introduction to ggplot

What is R Studio?

RStudio is an ‘Integrated Development Environment’ for R, a software application that allows the user to perform statistical analysis, plot graphs, write functions and manage datasets using the R statistical programming language.

How to install RStudio?

Before you can install RStudio, you need to install R, the programming language RStudio uses. You can download R from the official website:

For Windows users, select Download R for Windows, followed by base then click on the download link.

For macOS users, select Download R for macOS, then click on the appropriate download link. Make sure to download the correct file, depending on whether your Mac is using it’s own silicon (M1/M2) or Intel’s.

Now you can download RStudio:

We recommend you install R and RStudio on your own computer, however there may be times where you don’t have access to a local version of RStudio and instead need to use the cloud-based version. This might be if an on-campus computer doesn’t have RStudio installed.

To access RStudio Cloud, follow this link:

RStudio Cloud is free to use, but you are limited to 25 hours per month. Once you have set up an account (or you can log in through a Google or GitHub account), create a new project and it should load up RStudio the same as the local version.

The R Studio interface