BIOL33221 Bioinformatics Workshops

Welcome to Dr Dickins's Bioinformatics Class


While not strictly required, it is useful to have a professional text editor. Notepad (on Windows) or TextEdit (on Mac) tend to correct spelling. This is not something we want when handling sequences.

If you are using an NTU PC, I recommend launching an instance of "Notepad++" via NTU's Software Centre (icon on Desktop). If you are using your own PC you can get it here. On MacOS I recommend TextWrangler. For the programmers among you (any OS) try Atom.

Links to Content

Please follow the links below to the appropriate class:

Workshop # Workshop Title & Link
1 BLAST Searching (on NOW only)
2 Sequence Retrieval & Alignment
3 Genome Browsers
Help! Getting Repeat Data from UCSC